About Us

Drop Dead Sites is dedicated to helping you find the right WordPress theme for your website.

We have an average experience of over 10 years in building and running WordPress sites. Our team is building WordPress sites on a daily basis for clients all over the world. We test hundreds of WordPress themes each month.

We have built Drop Dead Sites to make it easy for you to choose a WordPress theme. The themes are categorized into different niches and businesses so that you can choose one quickly. We have also kept our collection small and listed only those themes that we have used ourselves and found to be the very best. So, whatever niche you are building your website for, rest assured that you are picking the very best one in the market today.

Go ahead and pick any free or premium WordPress theme you like from our collection. We are sure you will like it as much as we do.

Our Team

Daniel Foster (Founder)

Hey guys, I’m Daniel. I was keeping track of the various WordPress themes that I and my team are using all the time in an Excel sheet. This helped me to know which theme performed better in a particular niche. Over the years, the Excel sheet grew to thousands of themes that I and my team tested.

I decided to start a website so that other people who are building WordPress sites like us could benefit from our research. Drop Dead Sites is a project born out of necessity, which will help you as well as me too. I would just go to a category and pick a theme straight away for my next project rather than scanning hundreds of themes from various marketplaces and guessing which theme would work for my site.

If you came across a WordPress theme elsewhere and you want us to check it out, you can contact me directly at danielfoster@dropdeadsites.com.

Stacy Reeder (Content Manager)

Hi, I am Stacy. I manage the collection of the WordPress themes on Drop Dead Sites. It is my job to see which theme needs to be included in the collection and whether the themes are still working as they should. It is also my job to see that the website is working as it should too. And I also help other clients in our company with their issues.

If you need help on any of the themes here at Drop Dead Sites, you can contact me directly at stacyreeder@dropdeadsites.com

Alan Robinson (Marketing Manager)

What’s up, guys? I am Alan. I look after the marketing team in our company. If you have found our site on Google, then my team is doing their job pretty well. I also thank you for clicking the link on Google to come to our site. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Daniel, Stacy, me, and others here at Drop Dead Sites are constantly working to make your visit a happy one.

If you want to contact me on anything related to sales and marketing at Drop Dead Sites, email me directly at alanrobinson@dropdeadsites.com.

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