Are Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes Bad? The Ultimate Guide.

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Are you searching for WordPress themes suitable for your cryptocurrency website?

Are cryptocurrency WordPress themes bad?

Do you actually need a premium cryptocurrency theme at all?

Let’s find out.

What is a crypto theme?

One feature that distinguishes a crypto theme from other themes is having widgets for ICO, ICE, etc.

Having an ICO feature is an integral part of this business.

So, a crypto theme should definitely have it.

Let’s find out more about all the features of a crypto ICO WordPress theme.

Features of a cryptocurrency theme

  • Page templates: Writing content from scratch is quite difficult for cryptocurrency sites. So, crypto themes should have demo content.
  • Crypto Widgets: A cryptocurrency theme should have different widgets for ICO, ICE, etc.
  • Headers: The header is also one of the most important areas of a cryptocurrency site. So, a crypto theme should have a top bar or a sticky bar for important announcements like ICO launch dates.
  • Crypto blog template: Having a blog is optional. But, most themes do have it already. So, having a blog will be good for a crypto news WordPress theme.

Are cryptocurrency WordPress themes bad?

There are many cryptocurrency WordPress themes claiming to have all the features necessary.

But the fact is that all themes are not built the same.

So, there is bound to be a difference in the features and the codes.

Having said that, it is important to know that if you are building a crypto site, you should always use a genuine crypto theme.

But having any WordPress theme will not help you to build an ideal crypto site.

So, the answer to this question is “No. Cryptocurrency WordPress themes are not bad.”

Best cryptocurrency WordPress themes

If you are building a cryptocurrency site, do not opt for a free WordPress theme.

It is because cryptocurrency sites are different than other sites.

And free themes are all multipurpose themes that have no exclusive crypto features.

So, when building cryptocurrency sites you should choose a premium theme.

The premium themes will have all the necessary crypto features built-in already.

You will not have to build your site from scratch too.

And you will also get updates and support if you buy a premium theme.

Now, is there an Elementor cryptocurrency theme?

Yes, there are.

But remember, it is important to have the necessary crypto features for your site.

So, it does not matter whether you use a page builder like Elementor, WP Bakery, etc.


What is the cleanest WordPress theme?

The cleanest WordPress theme is the Hello theme.

Are paid WordPress themes worth it?

Yes. Paid WordPress themes are worth it as you will get support and updates.

Are WordPress themes safe?

Yes. WordPress themes are safe, but avoid installing null themes. Also ensure installing it from reputed marketplaces like Themeforest, TemplateMonster, etc.

Will changing WordPress theme affect content?

No. Changing the WordPress theme will not affect your content. Only the design of your web pages will change.

Is the Fintech WordPress theme good for cryptocurrency sites?

No. The Fintech WordPress theme is not good for crypto sites as it does not have any widgets or blocks.

Is the Tradent theme good for crypto sites?

Yes. The Tradent theme is good for crypto sites as it has crypto widgets and currency converters.


Let’s summarize what we have learned today:

  • The most important feature of a cryptocurrency site is the ICO widget.
  • A cryptocurrency WordPress theme should have starter page templates, widgets, and headers.
  • A crypto site must use a cryptocurrency theme. So, cryptocurrency WordPress themes are not bad.
  • You should never use a free theme for building cryptocurrency sites.
  • You should use a premium theme for building crypto sites as it will have all the necessary features.
  • You will also get support and updates if you buy a premium theme.

If you had doubts about using crypto themes, I hope you have found the answer by now.

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