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Are you a car dealer looking to build a great website?

You can have the best car dealership website design after reading this article.

A good website design can increase your sales by 200%! (Source: Webfx).

So, grab your seat!

I am going to show you how to get the best design for car websites.

Why does a car dealer need a website?

The obvious reason to have a website of your own is that your competition has it.

An average consumer would go to at least 4 websites before deciding which one to buy from.

Your website design will definitely influence the purchasing decision.

If he/she gets the right information from your website, then you will definitely win the customer.

Important features of a Car dealer website

So, let’s see how your website should look.

1. Landing page

The landing page or the homepage of your website is the most important page of your site.

It creates the first impression about your business.

Make sure that you use high-resolution images of the cars.

The visitor should be able to find the information about the cars easily.

And remember that the homepage is also the car dealership about us page.

So, include your company background and other relevant details like awards and achievements to impress the prospect.

(a) Vehicle inquiry forms

The vehicle inquiry form is a very important feature to have on your car dealership website.

If the customer wants to know something specific to the car or about financing options make sure he/she can find the form quickly.

A chat/contact us button on the site shows that you really care about the customer.

(b) Location

Provide the map along with directions to your dealership so that the customer can locate you easily.

(c) Opening hours

Do not forget to mention the opening hours of your dealership.

(d) Contact information

Other contact information like the name of the manager, the contact number, email, etc. will help the customer to contact the right person for any query he/she may have.

2. Image

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have high-resolution images for your website.

Images of the exterior and interior of the dealership also go a long way to impress the customer and make him/her do business with you.

3. SEO

Make sure that your website has all SEO issues fixed.

It is tricky to make your website fast when you have a lot of images and videos in high resolution.

But a slow-loading website will only frustrate the customer.

Besides speed, there are many other SEO parameters like keywords and backlinks to rank your site higher on Google.

So, make sure that your website is optimized for the search engines.

Inspirations for the best car dealer website design

Now, let’s look at some best car dealer websites to understand what we mean when we say that your car dealership website should be absolutely fabulous in looks.

1. Tesla

website showing a red Tesla
Fig.1 Tesla Website

When you visit the Tesla website, the first thing that catches your eye is one of their car models.

Then you scroll down and find their other car models.

The cars are displayed in full view, taking the entire page of the site.

You can easily find the details of each model from the menu on the top.

And you can order either from the CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons or from the menu on the top.

This is the most simple and uncluttered design we have seen!

2. Toyota

website showing a white Toyota car, a woman and a man
Fig.2 Toyota website

The Toyota website has an image slider showing their car models.

There are even videos in the slider.

As you scroll down, you will be able to learn more about the car models, and the price, and locate the dealerships.

The mega menu on the top is pretty huge covering the entire site!

It has a slider too.

While the site is heavy on multimedia, we think it needs some optimization.

Nevertheless, a great design!

3. Chevrolet

website of Chevrolet showing  awards
Fig. 3 Chevrolet website

The website design of Chevrolet is quite similar to Toyota.

This site also has a slider and a mega menu.

You can find the details of the cars by scrolling down.

But, this site seems to be more optimized than Toyota.

4. Rolls Royce

website showing a Rolls Royce car
Fig.4 Rolls Royce website

The website of Rolls Royce is as elegant as their cars!

The smooth transitions and the high-resolution images immediately capture the reader’s mind.

It is the most clutter-free website design you will ever find!

5. Volvo

website showing a woman lying and a child
Fig.5 Volvo website

The Volvo website is another fine example of an elegant and clutter-free website.

The images are tack sharp and there are no write-ups on the landing page.

The menus are also highly limited.

It makes it so much easier to find the right sections of the website.

I love it!

How to design a website for a car dealer?

Now, let’s see how you can have the right foundations for your website.

1. Domain

You can buy the domain of your dealership from any registrar you like.

There are hundreds of them like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc.

2. Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the speed of your website.

You will be using a lot of multimedia on your site.

So, you must choose a good host with fast servers.

It’s best to have dedicated servers from reputed hosting companies like Kinsta, Siteground, WPX, etc. if you can afford it.

However, you can also choose Cloudways which is an aggregator of cloud servers from companies like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon, and Google.

Please try to avoid shared hosting, as you are not going to have a pleasant experience with site speed.

Because there will be many other websites that will be hosted along with yours on a single server.

3. CDN

CDN is optional.

Unless your dealership serves customers all over the globe, it is not necessary to have a CDN.

However, having said that, CDN certainly helps with the speed of your website.

So, if you want to have a faster website no matter what, you can also opt for a CDN.

4. WordPress

WordPress is my preferred platform or app for building websites.

There are many SAAS platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc., but when you make your site on these platforms, you are tied to a plan with limited features.

You will be at their mercy as far as the design, features, and hosting are concerned.

I like to have my freedom, so I will always recommend building your site with WordPress.

But, do mind that there is also an exclusive WordPress platform, like other SAAS companies, which is called

If you choose that, you will also be tied to a plan.

What I recommend is to get the WordPress app, which can be installed for free on your server when you buy your hosting.

That way, you will have more freedom to switch between hosting, themes, plugins, etc. when something does not work out.

5. Car dealership website template

Choosing a WordPress theme is of great importance when you are building a car dealership website.

Choosing the right car dealership theme will make your site look professional immediately.

All the necessary features will be integrated already into the theme like vehicle comparison, forms, finance calculators, search filters, etc.

6. Customize

Once you install a theme, it is time to customize it.

So, customize with your own logo, colors, fonts, images, and text.

7. Plugins

Try and keep the plugins to the minimum for the sake of site speed.

Install only the absolutely necessary ones.

And do not forget to install a cache plugin.

Used car dealer website

If you are building a website for used cars, then there is not much of a difference in the design of your website.

You can display the cars in a gallery layout on a separate page.

And there can be further product pages for each of the cars.

Some great used car dealer websites to get inspired from are, Carmax, Autotrader, Edmunds, etc.

Free car dealer website

Do you want to create a car dealership website for free?

Yes, you can.

But we do not recommend it, because you getting the required features will be difficult.

However, if you do not need all the features of a car dealership website, you can install the Astra theme.

But, you still need to pay for the domain name and hosting.


How do I build a car dealership website?

To create a car dealership website you need to buy the domain, hosting, and a specialized car dealership WordPress theme.

What makes a good car dealership website?

To make a good car dealership website you need high-resolution images and professional design.

What is SEO in automotive?

SEO in automotive means Search Engine Optimization for the automobile industry.

Conclusion – What did we learn about car dealership website design?

Let’s see what we have learned about designing a car dealership website.

  • A good website design can increase your sales by 200%.
  • A good website design influences the purchasing decision of the reader.
  • The most important elements of a car dealership website are the landing page, images, vehicle inquiry form, location, opening hours, contact information, and SEO.
  • Building your website on WordPress gives freedom to switch between different designs and functionalities of the site.
  • Buying a specialized WordPress theme makes designing your car dealership website easier with professional looks and functionalities.
  • Designing a used car dealership website is the same as designing for new car dealerships.
  • Try to avoid using free WordPress themes when designing car dealership websites.

That’s all you need to know about designing a website for your dealership.

If you follow all the principles here you can do it yourself pretty easily.

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