How Much Does It Cost To Build A Church Website (7 Great Alternatives)

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When you are building a church website, the number one concern is cost.

I am going to take a look at all the available options and let you know how much does it cost to build a church website.

So let’s begin.

Should a church have a website?

How do churches make money?

There are actually many ways that a church can earn like Tithe, donations, renting out the property, fundraising, sponsorships, events, auctions, etc.

Having a website helps to reach out to more people to raise funds.

It also helps to provide various church services online and reduce chaos on the premises.

So, yes, every church should have a website of its own.

How do I build a good church website?

To build a good church website you should have the following features on your site.

  • Providing an easy way to collect donations.
  • A calendar for all the activities of the church.
  • Audio files for sermons.
  • Registration for events.
  • Deliver newsletters and other communications of the church to the members.
  • Live-streaming of church services.

Which website builder is best for church?

There are many ways you can build a website for your church like –

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular app for building any type of website.

It is a free app that you can get from any hosting company.

There are various page templates for churches available at various marketplaces.

2. Weebly

Weebly is a SAAS platform for building websites.

Everything is integrated into the platform like hosting and apps.

There is a free plan, but it has limited features.

The paid plans which start from $5 per month come with more storage and features.

However, there are no apps specific for churches.

3. Wix 

Wix is another SAAS app for building websites.

There is a free plan too, but it has limited features and shows ads.

For more features, storage and to remove the ads you have to upgrade to a paid plan starting from $5 per month onwards.

Is Wix good for church websites?

Well, there are a few church templates and you can also integrate eCommerce to accept donations.

So, yes, you can opt for it if you do not mind the monthly fees.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is another SAAS app.

There is no free plan available.

The paid plans start from $16 per month onwards.

It does not have any church template.

Considering its high monthly costs and non-availability of any church templates, I will not recommend it for building church websites.


This is yet another SAAS app for building websites.

There are no free plans, but the paid plans start from $1.95 only, which is the cheapest among all SAAS apps.

All plans include free domain and hosting.

However, if you want to have all the features that are needed for a church you need to buy the $3.95 per month plan.

But, there is no specific church template.

So, if you want, you can use it, but you have to customize some of the apps inside.

6. Sharefaith

Sharefaith is a SAAS platform focused exclusively on churches.

It has all the features needed for churches.

They also have a library of banners, graphics, and other media.

It also has an in-built church management software.

How much does Sharefaith cost?

Although memberships start from $19 per month, you cannot create websites.

To build websites you have to opt for the $40 per month plan or higher.

Hosting is included.

Do I recommend it?

Well, I will only recommend it if your church has a wide network with lots of members and campuses.

7. Web Developer

You can also hire a web developer to build your church website.

The web developer can code the website for you with all the features that you want.

However, hiring a developer can be very costly depending on the experience of the developer.

The charges can go well beyond $5000.

And then there will be maintenance charges after that.

So, considering the high costs, I wouldn’t recommend taking this route.

Is WordPress good for church websites?

Out of all the options above, I will recommend WordPress as it is the most cost-effective option.

Besides being the least expensive of all the options there are additional advantages of using WordPress, which are – 

  • There are many professional WordPress themes available.
  • You have the freedom to choose any hosting company.
  • You will not be tied down to one platform.
  • You will not be at the mercy of anybody to have new features on your site.
  • You can have as many features as you want.
  • The learning curve is very low.
  • You can develop your website quickly.
  • And, off-course, development and maintenance costs are the lowest of them all.

So, yes! WordPress is indeed good for building professional websites for churches.

How do I set up a WordPress church website?

Let me show you how I make a church page myself.

Here are the steps:

  • I buy the domain from Namecheap. You can buy from any domain registrar you want like GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.
  • Next, I buy hosting from Bluehost. Bluehost is the easiest web hosting company with good customer support. But if you want, you can buy hosting from any other company.
  • Next, I install a professional church template.
  • Then I customize the template with my brand colors, logo, font, images, etc.
  • I install all the plugins that come with the theme. If there is a requirement for some specific need I install additional plugins. For example, if the church wants to sell tickets, I will install the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Lastly, I will modify the page templates with my own text and images.

That’s it!

How much does it cost to build a church website? 

Your cost will depend on the cost of the domain registrar, the web host, the WordPress theme, and the cost of paid plugins if any.

Typically my costs are $80 for the first year and then $36 from the second year onwards.

How can I make a church website for free?

You can use some of the free WordPress themes for your church website available at

You will not get all the features of a professional theme, but based on your requirement you can still try one of these free themes.

However, you still need to buy the domain and the hosting.


So, what did we learn today?

  • Every church, whether big or small, needs a website.
  • The important features to have in a church website are, accepting donations, delivering sermons, having a calendar, selling events, delivering newsletters, and arranging live streaming of events.
  • Building a church website on SAAS platforms is costly.
  • The best platform to build a church website is WordPress.
  • You can use a free church WordPress theme, but buying a premium one will ensure that your site has all the necessary features.

And how much does it cost to build a full website?

It’s your choice actually.

If you want to go through the SAAS route, then you can expect to spend at least $60 per year.

Or, if you do not like to get tied to a plan with limited features and like WordPress, you may just pay for the domain and hosting every year and use a free WordPress theme.

The best option, if I have to choose one, would be to buy a professional WordPress theme, which is a one-time cost, and then renew the domain and hosting services.

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