How To Build A Coupon Site For Huge Traffic In [year]?

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Do you want to learn how to start an online coupon business like Groupon?

In this article, I will show you how to build a coupon site that will be as successful as them or others like RetailMeNot, Honey, etc.

So, fasten your seatbelts and learn how to make money with a coupon website.

How to make money with coupons?

You can earn in various ways with coupon sites.

The most common way to earn is by becoming an affiliate on platforms like Impact Radius, Awin, Pepperjam, etc.

You can also be a brand partner for daily deals and gift cards with local businesses.

And you can sell advertisement spaces on your website too.

Advantages of building coupon sites

  • 92% of online shoppers search for coupons online. [Source: Fortunly]
  • If you do not like to build a lot of content like articles and videos, then coupon sites are for you.
  • Unlike other eCommerce businesses, you do not need to maintain an inventory.
  • You will spend a lot less on overhead costs.

Disadvantages of building coupon sites

  • You should have good marketing and negotiation skills.
  • You need to have a lot of traffic to your website and generate a lot of sales.
  • You will be competing with really large sites in the industry.

How to build a coupon site?

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Building a coupon site is not difficult at all if you do it with WordPress.

However, you need to follow some other steps before that.

1. Niche research

There are many sub-niches in the coupon niche itself.

For example, there are daily deal sites that are focused mainly on local businesses.

The biggest of them is Groupon.

Then there are coupon aggregators who offer last-minute deals from other coupon websites or retailers like Tom’s Guide.

There are cashback sites like Rakuten.

There are also contest sites like Online-Sweepstakes.

And there are sites for gift cards like GiftDeals.

So, before starting your business you must decide on which niche you want to work for.

2. Competition research

Some of the questions you need answers to are – 

  • Are there enough coupon codes available in the niche?
  • Is there a good demand for those coupons?
  • What kind of deals and coupons are available in the niche?
  • Who are my competitors?

You need to do research on the keywords and the terms for the niche.

And also analyze the SERP to look at the competition and your chance of success in the niche.

3. Coupon design research

There are many types of coupons available for different types of deals and niches.

There are digital codes, affiliate links, printed coupons, etc.

You must research and see which one is mostly used in your niche.

4. How to get coupon codes for my website?

As I said before, you can get coupon codes from affiliate sites such as Impact Radius, Awin, etc.

You can also partner with the brands and get exclusive codes just for you.

5. Set up your website

Setting up a coupon website is very easy with a coupon WordPress theme.

So, buy a domain from a registrar like Bluehost, Namecheap, etc.

Host your site with Bluehost, Siteground, etc.

Buy a professional coupon WordPress theme.

Customize the theme with your own brand colors, logo, font, etc.

Install the standard plugins for security, backup, SEO, etc.

And you will have your site ready.

6. How to add coupon to your website?

How to create coupon codes in WordPress?

Well, you can add coupons in two ways.

You can do it directly through the theme or you can use a plugin.

I like to do it through themes because it is the simplest option.

And I also prefer to have as few plugins as possible in order to maintain good site speed.

So I recommend using a professional coupon website template rather than plugins.

7. Promote

Once you have your site ready, you need to promote it in order to drive traffic.

You can sign up for Google Ads or Facebook ads.

If you do not have the budget, then you can do it organically through SEO and social media.

But, you will get faster results with ads.


How can I make a coupon website for free?

You can make a coupon website for free using a free WordPress theme like Astra and a coupon plugin. However, you will still need to pay for the domain and hosting.

Do coupon sites make money?

Yes. Coupon sites make money if you have good marketing skills.

How do I create a coupon app?

You can create a coupon app either by hiring an app developer or using a no-code app builder like Bubble, Appie Pie, Airtable, etc.

How do you make a digital coupon book?

To make a digital coupon book you can use apps like flippingbook, flipsnack, etc.


Let’s summarize what we have learned.

  • You can monetize your coupon site by becoming an affiliate or becoming a brand partner or by selling advertisement spaces on your site.
  • The advantages of building a coupon website are huge demand for coupons, no content necessary, no inventory needed, and fewer overheads.
  • The disadvantages are the need for good marketing and negotiation skills, the need for a lot of sales, and huge competition.
  • Before building a coupon site you need to research the niche, competition, coupon designs, and the brands you are going to work with.
  • You can build a coupon website yourself using WordPress.
  • You can build the site either using a professional coupon WordPress theme or a plugin.
  • The easiest and quickest way is to use a coupon WordPress theme.
  • You can also import the coupons through the theme.
  • You can promote your website through Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc. which is the fastest way to get success.
  • You can also promote organically through SEO and social media.

Now, that you know how to set up a coupon website, go and build one!

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