How to duplicate a page in WordPress?

How to duplicate a page in WordPress?

Undoubtedly, WordPress is one of the most used CMS with around 840 million websites live on the internet. However, thousands of users are not familiar with its distinct options.

For example, you may find a lot of beginners who are looking to learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress. The reason is they are still unaware of the methods through which they can do so.

No wonder, adding a page in WordPress is pretty simple. However, the method to duplicate an already existing page is not a piece of cake. Here we have discussed the methods to do so with detailed steps.

What does a duplicate page mean?

Before you learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress, it is compulsory to know what this type of page is. A duplicate page in WordPress is a replica of already published/designed pages.

Sometimes, multiple pages have to be the same design with 100% replication. In such a case, duplicating a page saves time for the developer as well as lets them get the expected results.

Duplicating a page means copying everything from the older page to the new one. It includes content, images, custom codes, and all other objects/contents that you have published there.

Simply, you can say that saving a new spot for an older page of the website is called a duplicated page. In the following sections, we will share a guide on how you can accomplish this task using a plugin and without it.

Additionally, we will also highlight the methods to duplicate a page in Elementor, Divi, and WPbakery. Reading this guide will surely help you to learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress.

Reasons for duplicating a page in WordPress

For many learners, there is still confusion as to why they need to learn the methods to duplicate a page. In short, they are eager to know the reasons for duplicating a WordPress page.

The most common situation in which duplication of a page is necessary is when you are designing a business website. In this type of website, you need multiple pages with the same design to show a professional preview.

For example, if you are designing a car dealership website, you need multiple pages with the same layout and design. The reason is you don’t want to feel hard for a user while crawling your website and trying to become your customer.

In such a situation, a developer doesn’t want to sit on their chair and invest hours of editing for replicating the pages.

The simplest approach is to learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress as per their concerned theme and accomplish the task within a few minutes.

How to duplicate a page in WordPress?

Till now, you have understood what a duplicate page in WordPress is and the potential reasons pushing you towards this method. Here we have listed the methods to go ahead with this process and give your website the look that you expect.

Method 1: Using a plugin

For beginners, the simplest way to duplicate a page in a WordPress website is by using a plugin. You can find a long list of plugins available in the store of the CMS to complete this process.

For your ease, we have researched a lot and listed a few best picks that we have found perfect in terms of performance and with a simple interface. Let us show you those plugins and the steps to use them.

1. Duplicate Post Plugin

From the name, the plugin seems to be handy when it comes to duplicating the post. But it also has a specified option for pages to duplicate them with 100% replication.

Simply, this plugin will not leave a single section of the page when it comes to duplicating it. Here are the steps that you have to follow for using this effective plugin.

Duplicate post plugin installing
  • Activate the plugin after installing it
  • Go to “Dashboard” and click on “Pages
  • It will navigate to the “All Pages” that your website has.
  • Hover your mouse over the page you want to duplicate
  • Tap on the “Copy” button that will be displayed beside it
Clone page using duplicate post plugin

The best feature of this plugin is that it allows you to duplicate multiple pages at a time. In simple words, you can select multiple pages and clone them to get their duplicate pages on your site.

2. Duplicate Page and Post Plugin

This plugin is suitable for duplicating pages and posts with a fast cloning/duplication process. Using this will also keep your site at ease because of its lightweight.

In turn, your site will not be slower because of the installation of this plugin. Follow these steps to learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress using this plugin.

  • After activation of the plugin, go to “Pages
  • Look for the page you want to copy and hover your mouse there
  • Click on the “Duplicate” button shown below that page
Duplicate page and post plugin

This action will show a duplicate page in the list instantly with the same name and a tag of “2”. This tag will show that the page is duplicated from the original page.

3. Duplicate Page Plugin

Among other plugins, this “Duplicate Page” plugin is dedicated to this action. Using this, you can find multiple other options that are unavailable in other plugins.

For example, it allows you to set the page’s availability as draft, published, private, or public directly after duplicating. So, you don’t need to worry if you don’t want to show the duplicated page to the users.

Using this plugin is simple but we have listed the steps for you.

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard after activating this plugin
  • Tap on the “Pages” given in the left bar
  • Hover your mouse over the page you want to duplicate
  • Click on the “Duplicate This” button to make a replica of the page
Duplicate page plugin working screenshot

Before duplication, you can access the plugin’s settings and make adjustments as you need. You can set the duplicated page availability as published, private, or draft as the pre-decided setting.

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Method 2: Duplicate a page without plugin

If you are familiar with coding and love to perform your WordPress-related tasks manually, you can also do this. But make sure you are familiar with the coding interface of this CMS and know about it.

Here we have listed the two most effective methods that you can follow when it comes to learning how to duplicate a page in WordPress without using a plugin.

Via functions.php Code

If you have ever explored the WordPress theme options, you must have seen the functions.php file there. It is a specific option from where you can access the code of your site’s pages/posts.

Using the same section, you can also insert custom codes to perform a specific task on your website. So, you can easily insert a code that indicates the duplication of a page from your site in this file.

But we recommend following the method only when you have backed up your website. The reason is you may make a mistake while going through this method and get an error on your site.

If you are done with the precautions and familiar with the coding, follow these steps to duplicate a page from this method.

  • Access functions.php file from your WordPress theme Editor
  • Open it in the Editing mode
  • Scroll down to reach the end of the code and paste the following code there

( Please copy the code from this page and paste it.

Copy & Paste Code Manually

As mentioned earlier, the above method to go with coding can be dangerous. So, you can also employ the way to copy and paste the page’s code manually.

With this, you can duplicate a page in your WordPress website easily. Let us show you the exact way how to do so.

  • Open the “Page” in your WordPress site that you can copy
  • Look for “Options” in the right top corner and click on it
  • Choose “Code Editor” and copy all code of the page
  • Now, go back to “All Pages” and tap on “New Page
  • Go to “Options” and then “Code Editor
  • Paste the code you have copied
  • Publish” the page to complete this action
Code editor option in page settings

With these steps, you can easily copy and paste the code manually to duplicate a page on the WordPress website.

How to duplicate a page in WordPress Divi?

If you have a WordPress website from Architecture or a similar niche, you might be using a Divi theme. It is because this theme is famous for such websites due to its starter templates and pre-built options.

Don’t worry if you are looking to duplicate a page in WordPress Divi as it has a built-in option for this. Yes, you don’t need to deal with complex coding or use a third-party plugin.

Here are the steps through which you can create a duplicate page for your WordPress site in Divi.

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard and then “Pages
  • Tap on the “Add New” button and then choose “Use Divi Builder” for further processing
  • Look and click on the “Clone Existing Page” option
  • Now, tap on the “Existing Pages” and choose the page that you want to duplicate

It will take a few seconds for the Divi Builder to clone the existing page and load its blocks. Once it has been done, you can save the changes and go ahead with your work.

How to duplicate a page in WordPress Elementor?

For business website managers and owners, it might be compulsory to learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress Elementor. The reason is most such websites use this business and marketing theme.

In addition to advanced and effective options to set up the website, Elementor also has features to duplicate a page in WordPress. It means that you can create a replica of the page you have designed before.

As this option is not visible like other basic options, many users think that it is not possible. if you are one of those, you can read here the steps to duplicate a WordPress page using Elementor’s built-in option.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to “All Pages”

Edit page with Elementor

Click the “Save Option” button at the left bottom corner and then click the “Save as Template” option

Save template in Elementor

A new window will appear, enter the template name and save.

Rename template name

Now create a new page and edit with Elementor

Click the “Add Template” icon and navigate to My Templates

Add template in Elementor

Choose the template that we saved before and click Insert > Apply

Choose template to duplicate page

This will import all data from the entire page

With these steps, you can easily duplicate a page in Elementor within seconds. The new page will be shown in the list of pages with the tag “copy” with the name of the original page.

The best thing about this method is the new page will be kept in draft that you can publish whenever you want.

How to duplicate a page in WordPress WPbakery?

If you are a WPbakery user, you will not find any dedicated option for page duplication like you do in Elementor and Divi. You have to move with the manual duplication.

Don’t be upset because the manual duplication is also simple. Let us show you the steps that you have to follow to duplicate a page in WordPress WPbakery.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and open the “Page” you want to duplicate
  • Choose “Classic Mode” from the top option and then choose “Text”
  • Copy the entire code from the screen using the “Ctrl + A” key
  • Now, tap on the “Add New” button to open a new page
  • Again, go to the “Text” section and paste the code

After placing the code, you need to move to “Backend Editor” to preview the page. You will see everything similar to the old page that you created the first.

Final Verdict

In this guide, we have comprehensively discussed everything to let you learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress. We have mentioned the dedicated plugins that can be utilized in this task.

Luckily, you don’t need any additional plugins if you are using Elementor and Divi. It will be an easy approach for you to duplicate a page by clicking on the specified buttons given below every page.

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