How to edit mobile version of WordPress site?

How to edit mobile version of WordPress site?

Do you know that around 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices?

That is why we should optimize our website for desktop as well as mobile users.

A mobile-friendly website improves the user experience and boosts your website’s ranking in search engines.

WordPress provides various editing options that help us to optimize our website for all screen sizes.

In this guide, I will share 3 easy ways to edit your WordPress mobile version.

Can I edit the mobile version of the WordPress site without editing the desktop version?

Yes, it is possible to edit only the mobile version of a WordPress site by using the default WordPress customizer or any page builder like Elementor.

Keep reading this article; we will discuss each editing method in detail.

How do you check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not?

There are many tools available online that provide information about how our website looks on different devices. We will use one of them.

Follow the instructions below to do the mobile-friendly test.

  • Go to the Mobi Ready website
  • Enter your website homepage or specific page URL in the search bar.
  • This test will provide you with a detailed report about how your website looks in different screen sizes and will also highlight any issues found.
  • Pay close attention to these issues as you make mobile edits.

How to edit the mobile version of the WordPress site? (3 Ways)

1. Using the WordPress default customizer

Log in to your WordPress dashboard

Navigate to Appearance -> Customize, (It will be redirected to the WordPress Customizer page (Fig.1).

Wordpress customize

At the bottom left corner, you can see different device icons (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile).

Click on the “mobile” icon to preview how your site looks on mobile (Fig.2).

Mobile responsive settings in WordPress customizer

Now you can edit your website in the mobile version.

Experiment with different customization options like font sizes, layout, visibility, widgets, and other elements to create a user-friendly mobile experience.

Common customizations:

  • Adjust font sizes for better readability on smaller screens.
  • Optimize image sizes to prevent slow loading times.
  • Simplify menus for easier navigation on touch devices.
  • Rearrange or hide widgets to get a user-friendly mobile layout.

2. Customize the mobile version of WordPress with Elementor

Install and activate the Elementor plugin.

Open the Elementor editor for any page (Fig.3).

Elementor button

Click the “Responsive Mode” icon (tablet and phone symbol) in the bottom left corner.

Select the mobile view from the top bar (Fig.4).

Edit mobile view in Elementor

Choose the element you want to customize (e.g., text, image, section).

Use the Style tab and Advanced tab to adjust settings like size, spacing, and layout for the mobile view.

Hide elements that you don’t want to show on a small screen.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for any other elements you want to customize.

Preview your changes and adjust as needed.

Publish your updated page.

3. Explore Theme-Specific Mobile Customization Options

If nothing has worked for you regarding mobile version adjustment of the WordPress website, you should try this method.

It might be possible that you are using a theme with custom options for this setting.

Yes, some themes allow you to set mobile preview in a custom approach. For this, you have to add a CSS class in the required section as per your theme’s requirement.

The best approach for this addition is checking the theme documentation. It will help you learn whether you will get a specific option for mobile layout settings or need to add a CSS class.

It might be possible that you will find a solution there and be able to edit the mobile version of a WordPress website. In case you haven’t solved the issue, it is time to switch to a theme.

You should try a responsive theme like Divi, GeneratePress, or Kedance. It will be an easy approach to edit the mobile version because these themes are able for responsive customization.

Test and Preview Your Mobile Changes Thoroughly

Now, you must have learned from this blog how to edit the mobile version of a WordPress website. It is time to check what you have changed in the theme and what it looks like.

First of all, you can do this using any online tool to check the responsiveness of the website. Using this, you will be able to identify how your website looks in the mobile preview.

Moreover, it will show you how much time it will take for the website to be browsed properly in this handy device.

In short, it will let you know whether you have made optimized changes in your website’s mobile version or not.

Another approach to analyze the website’s preview on the mobile with deep preview is using a mobile device. You have to pick up your mobile and open your website.

With this, you will be able to do a real-time analysis of your website. Moreover, it will help you understand how your visitors will feel while checking the preview of your website.

For better analysis, it is appropriate to use multiple devices for this analysis. It will help you find any exceptional issue with your website’s loading or its speed.

Tips for Mobile Responsiveness

When it comes to editing the mobile version of your WordPress website, you shouldn’t rely on the built-in options only.

It is important to make sure that you have taken enough steps to make your website suitable for mobile.

For this, you need to take care of a few factors. First of all, you should make sure that the images you are uploading are mobile-friendly.

Sometimes, the images are too large or small and are not suitable for mobile preview. It will discourage your website from having an inappropriate preview on these handy devices.

Secondly, you should adjust the size of tables or charts that you have inserted on the website pages or blogs. It will also help your website to get a perfect preview of the mobile version.

Lastly, you should make sure that the content has a small weight for smooth browsing on mobile devices. It means that you have to add lightweight images to your website.

By implementing these tips, you will be able to get better results from the mobile version of the WordPress website. It will enhance the user experience as well as let you expect better results in ranking.

Final Verdict

In the above blog, we have discussed how to edit the mobile version of the WordPress website. It is time to take action and start editing your website for a better preview.

We hope you have found this guide informative for this editing. You can now make your website appealing to mobile users and let them be attracted to spend time there.

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