Is Crypto WordPress Themes Illegal? (The Best Ways to Find Out).

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When building a crypto site you have to consider a lot of things for your business.

So, is crypto WordPress themes illegal to use?

I will give you the answer straight away – “No. They are not.”

There are in fact many crypto themes in the WordPress themes repository itself.

That is proof enough that they are not illegal.

But you should learn what illegal WordPress themes are when building a site.

So, let’s start.

What is a GPL license WordPress theme?

All WordPress themes, whether free or paid, have GPL or General Public Licence.

GPL is the license granted by GNU, a non-profit organization.

In short, the GPL license means that the software or the product is free to use.

For WordPress themes, the GPL license means that anybody can use the theme in any way he/she wants.

You can even change the codes.

But, if you change the codes of a WordPress theme, then you cannot claim support or updates anymore.

When do WordPress themes become illegal?

Now, if you can change the code of the theme then how can it become illegal?

There is in fact a term for illegal themes which is – null themes.

So, what is it?

What is a nulled WordPress theme?

In a premium theme, some functions may be locked by the developer.

Or the theme developer may lock the theme for updates and support after a certain period.

You have to renew the license to unlock them.

A nulled WordPress theme is a modified premium theme.

The codes of the theme are modified in such a way that they can be used without any limitations at all.

How to understand whether a WordPress theme is null or illegal?

The most common way to understand that you are using a null theme is that you will never get any updates to the theme.

You can get null themes by searching for a premium theme on the internet.

You can search for “null WordPress themes”, “where to get premium WordPress themes for free”, “how to use nulled WordPress themes”, etc.

You will come across shady websites offering a free download of the premium theme.

The aim of these sites is either earning through PPC advertisements or hacking your site

If you have a security plugin installed, you may get a warning message too.

Why you should never use a nulled WordPress theme for your crypto site?

  • Malware: You do not want to risk your site having malware, do you? Using a nulled theme is the easiest way to get your site infected by a virus.
  • Getting hacked easily: Nulled themes create a tunnel or a backdoor to your site. It does not matter whether you are using a strong password or have a security plugin or your web host has one. By using a nulled theme you have open access to your site to the hacker.
  • No updates or support: The codes of a nulled theme are modified in such a way so that the theme is not updated anymore. As such, if you use a null theme you will not get any update or support from the developer.
  • Legal Issues: There are off-course legal issues with using a nulled premium theme. The theme developer can sue your site if you get caught.
  • Bad for SEO: If you use a null theme containing malicious codes, Google will remove it from its index.

So, as you can see, there is no real benefit to using a null theme at all.

You should avoid using one for the sake of your business.

Is crypto WordPress themes illegal?

I have already answered whether crypto themes are bad at the very beginning of this article.

I have also discussed, what illegal WordPress themes mean.

I just want to mention here that if you are building a crypto site, you have to be extra careful about the legal aspects.

The laws for cryptocurrency businesses vary from one country to another.

I hope you know the laws of your own country before deciding to go ahead and build a crypto site.

Choosing a legal crypto theme is also a part of following the rules for your crypto business.


Is it legal to use nulled themes?

No. It is not legal to use nulled themes. Nulled themes are modified to bypass the licensing terms of the original theme.

Can WordPress themes be hacked?

Yes. WordPress themes can be hacked if you are using a null or illegal theme. Some free themes may also contain malicious codes through which your site can be hacked.

Are ThemeForest themes safe?

Yes. ThemeForest themes are safe to use. All items on sale at ThemeForest “are reviewed to ensure they are in good working order and are easy to use”

What is the most secure WordPress theme?

The most secure WordPress themes are available at the official WordPress site. But, please note that any theme can get hacked.


Let’s summarize what we have learned today.

  • All WordPress themes are available on General Public License.
  • Crypto WordPress themes are not illegal.
  • If a WordPress theme is hacked it becomes illegal.
  • Illegal WordPress themes are also known as “null’ themes.
  • Null themes are hacked premium themes.
  • You will never get updates and support if you use a nulled theme.
  • Using a nulled WordPress theme poses the risk of your site getting hacked.
  • The theme developer may sue your site if you use a null or an illegal theme.
  • Google will also de-index your site if it has malicious codes.
  • You must always use a legal theme to build a crypto site.

That’s it!

Now go and build your dream crypto website!

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