How to remove a starter template from WordPress? (3 Ways)

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No doubt, every website designer/owner takes a lot of time finding the right theme for their digital asset like website, store, etc. Multiple factors help them choose the right theme for the website.

But the issue comes when those themes add starter templates to the website. As a website designer, I have faced complications at the beginning of my career.

The most common question that came to my mind was how to remove a starter template from WordPress. So, I tried multiple methods to remove those templates with the help of my team.

We have found a few effective ways to do so and get the required results. Here we have wrapped those methods that we have found useful in our research.

What does a starter template mean?

It might be possible that you are aware of the term but you need to learn a bit more to understand the ways to remove these templates.

A starter template is a pre-designed template that will import pages/images/posts to your website with a click.

Being a user, you can customize those pages and give them the look you need for your website.

It is right to say that a starter template can save a lot of time for professionals who know how to customize it. But if you are a learner, you should create a website from scratch instead of relying on these templates.

Does every theme have a starter template?

The short answer to this question is no because these templates are not offered by every theme. A few popular themes like Divi, Astra, and a few others offer these templates.

You can find a wide collection of templates in these themes and use any of them as per your requirements.

I must say that these templates helped the designers in creating business websites easily in a short time.

Why do you need to remove starter templates from WordPress?

As per our experience, there can be multiple reasons for removing starter templates from WordPress.

For example, if you are a learner and looking to understand how a page is designed, you need to remove the starter template installed on the website first.

Secondly, you may not like the web pages and have a unique idea for creating them. In such a case, you can only create new pages only when you have removed that template.

Last but not least, the starter template has copyrighted images and you may not find a perfect match for that section. The easiest approach to resolve such problems is removing starter templates.

No denying, that professionals may find them useful for their work. But still, it is important to understand how to remove a starter template from WordPress.

That’s why we have evaluated multiple methods and found a few that are mentioned below.

How to remove a starter template from WordPress? 3 Ways

Performing every task on WordPress has different ways. You can choose anyone as per your experience and knowledge.

We have tested multiple methods to remove a starter template from WordPress. Here are those that we have found effective.

1. By Removing Theme

The simplest way to get rid of starter templates and other settings you have done in a theme is by removing that theme.

Procedure to remove theme from WordPress
Removing theme from WordPress

Yes, you can remove/delete a theme from your website by following a few steps. Here is how we can do this:

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on the “Appearance” from the left menu bar
  • Choose “Themes” from the available list
  • Tap on the “Add New” and add another theme to your list
  • Click on the “Activate” button after installation
  • Now, look for the previous theme and click on that theme from the list
  • Tap on the “Delete” button to remove that theme and starter templates from your website

This is how you can remove even the entire theme from your WordPress website.

2. By Deleting Pages/Posts/Media

Another effective, but hectic, method to remove starter templates from WordPress is the manual removal of content.

As mentioned earlier, a starter template means the addition of pre-designed pages, posts, images, and media to your website.

By removing all these sections from your website, you can say that you have removed a starter template. It will take time but the process is simple if you know about the WordPress interface.
For your assistance, we have listed the steps that you need to take to remove starter template-related content.

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard
  • Go to “Pages” and delete them one by one or by using bulk action
  • Go to “Posts” and delete them
  • Go to “Media” and delete all imported images/graphics
  • Now, look for the “Appearance” option from the left menu bar
  • From “Appearance”, go to “Widgets” and delete them
  • Then, go to “Menus” and delete them

This is the last section you need to move to remove the content installed by a starter template to your website.

You can visit the website and preview that everything has been removed from your website and you will get a blank page or theme homepage.

3. Using WP Reset

If you are aware of the plugins of WordPress, you must have heard about WP Reset. It is an effective plugin that will help you get your website in a freshly registered form.

Steps to reset the WordPress theme in WP Reset plugin
WP Reset plugin settings

Simply, it will take your website to a condition that is shown after installing WordPress to hosting. You can do a WordPress theme reset to default by using this plugin.

Wp Reset is pretty simple as it has a simple interface. Here are the steps that you can quickly understand to reset your WordPress website.

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard and install the “WP Reset” plugin
  • Hover your mouse to “Tools” from the left menu bar and click on “WP Reset”
  • Scroll down to reach the “Site Reset” section and type “Reset” in the confirmation box
  • Click on the “Reset” button and confirm the action from the pop-up box

It will take a few seconds to remove everything in addition to the default theme and settings. You will get a brand-new site with default settings after this action.

Final Wrapping

The above methods have been performed by our team of professional developers. We hope you have learned how to remove a starter template from WordPress website.

You can choose any of these methods as per your experience/knowledge. We recommend you pick WP Reset or theme removal ways as they are simple and quick.

If you don’t have anything important available on the website, use the WP reset plugin and start from scratch.

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