What Is The Role Of A WordPress Theme?

What is the role of a WordPress theme

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WordPress is one of the best website platforms (CMS or Content Management System), that powers 455 million websites around the world. (Source:EnvisageDigital)

So, what is the role of a WordPress theme?

The role of a WordPress theme is to design your website with page layouts, colors, fonts, sidebars, header, footer, etc.

The structure of your website and how it looks depends on the theme.

Let’s find out more.

What is WordPress theme?

WordPress themes are made of different files such as functions.php, style.css, header.php, footer.php, etc.

These files define the looks of the different areas of your site.

When you install a theme you will immediately get a default website because of these files.

You can then customize the default settings of the theme in WordPress Customizer.

What is the function of a theme on a website?

The function of a theme on a website is to make your site look good.

Without a theme, you cannot have a design for your site.

Is a WordPress theme necessary?

Yes. WordPress themes are necessary for building a website.

There are no options to bypass installing a theme in WordPress.

what is the role of a wordpress theme

How do WordPress themes work?

WordPress themes work through codes written in PHP and CSS programming languages.

There are different files for graphics and styles that are combined together in the functions.php file.

When you install a WordPress theme, the files of the theme will work in conjunction with the different functions of the WordPress core files.

Can we use two theme in WordPress?

No. You cannot use two themes in WordPress at the same time.

You can install as many themes as you want in the Themes dashboard, but you can activate only one theme.

Can we create our own custom theme?

Yes. You can create your own custom theme if you know programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

You can also hire a developer to develop a custom theme for you.

What are the benefits of using a wordpress theme

What are the benefits of using a WordPress theme?

The benefit of using a WordPress theme is that you do not need to start from scratch on a blank canvas.

You will get a default site with dummy content that you can customize easily.

How a WordPress theme is installed?

After purchasing a hosting plan, and installing WordPress on the server, you will get a default website.

You will get a temporary URL to see the front end and manage the back end of your site.

So, the default WordPress theme will already be installed for the site as WordPress cannot function without a theme.

You can choose to keep working with the default theme but in most cases, we need to change it to a theme with advanced features.

After getting a new theme, either free or premium, you can install it by using one of the three methods –  

  • Add Themes option in WordPress 
  • Upload option in WordPress 
  • FTP 
  • CPanel of your host.

Difference between a parent theme and a child theme

A parent theme is the main theme having all the core theme files.

A child theme is a theme having only the functions.php and style.css files.

It is a derivative of the parent theme.

You can work with it in the same way as the main theme.

So, what is the benefit of having a child theme?

The benefit of installing a child theme is that, when the main theme updates, the child theme is not affected.

As such, if you have any custom codes in the child theme, they will not get wiped out after the update.

This is especially helpful if you have codes like Google Analytics in the child theme’s functions.php file.

Difference between multipurpose themes and niche themes

The difference between multipurpose themes and niche themes is that multipurpose themes can be used to make any type of website in any niche, but a niche theme can be used to make a site for a particular niche that it is made for.

So, if you have a theme like Astra, Avada, GeneratePress, etc., which are multipurpose WordPress themes, you can design a site for any niche.

But, if you have a theme like Motors you can use it to build a website only for the car and dealership business.

So, which one is better?

It actually depends on the type of business you have and the features you want.

If you want to design everything yourself, go for a multipurpose theme.

If you want a theme that has all the features needed for your niche, go for a niche theme.

Difference between free themes and premium themes

The difference between free themes and premium themes is that you may or may not get regular updates and customer support in a free theme, but they are guaranteed if you purchase a premium theme.

Actually, there is no obligation of the theme developer to provide updates and support in a free theme.

But if you are a paying customer, the developer does not have any other option but to keep the theme updated and provide customer support.

What is the difference between a WordPress theme and template?

The difference between a WordPress theme and a template is that templates refer to some of the pages in a website, whereas a WordPress theme refers to all the pages of a website.

There can be a contact Page template, Service page template, About Us page template, etc.

But by WordPress themes, we are referring to all these pages as a whole.

What is the differene between theme and templates

What is the difference between themes and plugins?

The difference between themes and plugins is that WordPress themes are used to design the pages of a site and plugins are used to make those pages function correctly.

As an analogy, we can say that WordPress themes are the design of a car and the plugins are the different parts of the engine that drives the car.

For example, you can design the look of the Contact page in the WordPress theme but for the page to receive messages from visitors and send the messages to your email, you need plugins.

Besides making the pages function properly, there are also plugins to keep your site secure, take backups, etc.

Theme Detector

Sometimes we may come across a site and wonder – what WordPress themes is that site using?

To know that we need a theme detector.

There are many benefits of using a theme detector.

The main benefit is that we can model our own site to that of our competitors.

How do I choose a WordPress theme

You can choose a WordPress theme based on the features you need for your niche.

Once you have decided on the features you need, check the speed, responsiveness, complexity, customization options, translation options, plugins it supports, security, customer support, updates, and customer reviews of the theme.

Best WordPress themes

As the role of a WordPress theme is to make your website look good, it is necessary to choose the best theme that will help you to design a professional site.

So, what WordPress themes are best for your site?

Actually, there are thousands of themes that you can choose from, both free and premium.

Ideally, you should go for a premium niche-specific theme if you want to build a professional site quickly.

But, if you want to design everything on your own, then pick a multipurpose theme like Astra, Avada, etc.

Where to find WordPress themes?

When choosing a WordPress theme for your site, first decide on the features needed for your niche and your budget.

If you are not sure about the features, pick a niche-specific theme and you will have all the necessary features out of the box.

There are many niche themes with different price tags which fit all kinds of budgets.

If you do not want to spend a dime, then choose a freemium theme.

A freemium theme is a theme having both free and premium versions.

If you pick a freemium theme you may get a bit of customer support and updates too, although it is not guaranteed.

But, the major advantage of choosing a freemium theme is that it will have a clean code that will not bloat your website.

You can go to a theme developer’s website and download the free version of a freemium theme.

For premium themes, you can visit marketplaces such as ThemeForest, TemplateMonster, ThemeIsle, etc.

But, if you want to install a free theme for any reason, then install it from the WordPress theme library by going to Appearance -> Themes -> Add Themes from your WordPress dashboard.

There are over 9000 free themes in the WordPress library.

What is the role of a WordPress theme? A conclusion.

  • To have the basic design of your whole website without the need for coding.
  • To customize the design easily.
  • To have the right features needed for your niche.

So now that you know what is a website theme all about and what are the benefits of a WordPress theme, did you understand the importance of having the right theme?

Without the right theme, you cannot have a good site with the right features.

So, choose the right theme to build a site that will impress everybody.

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