What WordPress Theme Is That Website Using? The 4 Best Tools

What wp theme is that

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If you are building a website, you must take a look at your competitors.

You may be spying on them already for SEO, but you should also try and find out what WordPress theme is that site using.

There are a ton of benefits as to why you would want to know that and we will discuss it in detail later in this guide.

But first, here are some fun facts about WordPress for you.

WordPress Facts

  • WordPress is a free-to-use, open-source platform to build websites since 2003.
  • WordPress is used by 43.4% of all websites in the world on the web, as of this writing.
  • 455 million top websites including TechCrunch, Microsoft News, TED Blog, BBC America, The White House, Walt Disney, Facebook Newsroom, Flickr, CNN Pressroom, Spotify, Wired, Mashable, Vogue, etc. use WordPress.
  • Over 409 million people view a WordPress site every month. 
  • Currently, there are 9266 free WordPress themes on the WordPress repository. 
  • There are over 10000 premium WordPress themes available at Themeforest, one of the largest marketplaces online.

As you can understand, WordPress is the most popular platform in the world to design websites.

You can install WordPress with any hosting company around the world.

The most obvious reason for that is it is free to use.

If you want to design a site on WordPress, you also need to install a WordPress theme.

A well-designed WordPress theme will make your site look professional.

But besides the looks, a top WordPress theme can also have specific features that are required for your niche.

Looking at your competitors’ sites can help you to discover the features you need for your own site.

When I look at a competitor’s site and see that they have a feature that I want, the first thing I ask myself is – what WordPress template is this?

More often I find features such as hero banners, pricing tables, etc, to be part of the theme itself.

If I hadn’t asked myself –  “which WordPress theme is this website using”, I would’ve spent many hours searching for plugins to help me design that page.

Or, at worst, I would have hired a developer to design that feature for me!

So, if you want to build a great site like your competitor or maybe even better, you should ask yourself the same question as I did – “which WordPress theme is this website built with? ”

Is it ethical To Find Out What WordPress Theme Is That Website Using?

In short, the answer is – Yes.

After all, everything is fair in love and war, right?

This is the best way to get your website to rank on the web.

And also it is the best and the top method to do it for free!

You know that you have to beat your competitors in the Google SERP.

wordpress website

You know you need the best CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

And you are probably spending thousands of dollars on building the site!

So, there is no time to waste here thinking about being ethical.

Start to think on those lines and out goes your best chance of ranking your website through the window!

It’s hard to survive in a world full of competition!

So, instead of worrying about how ethical it is to find out which WordPress theme is being used, worry about how easily you can build a site that gets the best rank in the SERP.

Now, to find out what WordPress theme is being used, first, you should be absolutely clear about the purpose of this whole exercise.

The benefits of knowing what WordPress template is being used by your competitor are as important as hosting, SEO, or anything else.

So,  before knowing how to find out the WordPress theme of a website, let’s understand the benefits first.

Benefits of finding the WordPress theme of a website

  • Better Design: If your competitor has a blog page optimized for ads, then you must have that too for your site. If your competitor is having a top bar with an email opt-in form, you must also look for themes that have it. In short, if those things are best for your competitor, then there is no reason to believe that they won’t be best for you.
  • Higher Speed: The speed of a site is a ranking factor. To get a good speed, you should first get good hosting for your domain. Then you should find out the theme your competitor is using as it may give you an insight into why their website speed is better than yours.
  • Higher Conversions: As I wrote above, if there is an exclusive feature on your competitor’s site, you should have that too. The fewer features you have than your competitor, the less are chances of higher conversions.
  • Saving Money: If you find out that your competitor is using a cheaper theme than yours, you can obviously save a lot of money. And If you can avoid buying plugins or hiring developers, you can also save some valuable cash.
  • Saving Time: By finding out the WordPress theme your competitor is using for their site, you can cut down a lot of valuable time over searching for themes all over the internet.

Is this a WordPress site?


When I like a site and wonder “what WordPress theme is this site running”, I sometimes find that it’s not a WordPress site after all.

That’s weird, I know!

Especially, when so many websites are built on WordPress.

One of the reasons for the site not being built on WordPress may be that the competitor hired a developer to build the website instead of doing it themselves.

And I have seen that it’s not just the top companies that hire developers to build websites, but those having small businesses also do the same thing.

My advice to you is that, if you come across a site you like and find out that they are not using WordPress, simply ignore that site and look for another site.

More often than not, you will find sites built with WordPress and themes that will be great for your business.

Now, let’s see how to check which WordPress theme is used by your competitor.

Here is how to find the WordPress theme of a website.

It’s actually easier than you think!

I use the following top online tools on the web to find out what the WordPress theme of my competitors.

All the tools are FREE to use.


What is a website theme detector?

A website theme detector is a script or a code, hosted online, that finds out the details about the website theme by analyzing the code of the website.

Can you use a WordPress theme detector script?

Yes, you can use a WordPress theme detector script. You do not need to worry about your safety or privacy, as you do not have to log in to any of the sites above or start downloading anything.

What WordPress theme detector is best?

The best WordPress theme detectors are Theme Detect, WPThemeDetector, the tool from Kinsta, and WhatWPThemeIsThat.

What to do with the information?

As all the tools are free to use, you can use the information immediately to start building a top site for your business.

You can use this free information as your guide to getting to the top of the SERP.

With the information you get, you can install the best themes from the web.

The free information will help you to design your website which everybody will love.

website design

And with the information, you can now decide which plugins you should install and which plugins are not needed.

The information from these tools will help you to use fewer plugins too.

Lesser plugins will help to design a faster site.

And in certain cases, you may save money too.

When you install themes that have the top features needed for your niche, people will remember your domain too.

You will get higher conversions too.

But, please do not copy the same colors, sidebars, and everything that your competitor has.

Always try to add more features to your website than your competitor, so that your website is even better than your competitor.

You should also test everything and see what works really well for you.

Bottomline – get inspired, but do not copy.


Now that you know how to check the website themes of your competitors online, I am sure you are charged up to find the best WordPress themes on the web and install them on your blog.

But, keep one thing in mind.

If you already have a website that’s ranking at the top, there is no need to change your WordPress theme at all.

If you have a new domain and want to start building a blog to get to the top of the web fast, you can use the tools above.

But if you want to change the theme of an old site, do it with caution.

The reason is that when you change a WordPress theme, the code of your website also changes.

As such, Google will re-evaluate your domain and your website and rank it afresh.

If you are confident that changing the WordPress theme will certainly boost the ranks of your website, then do it by all means.

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