Why does my WordPress site say coming soon?

Why does my WordPress site say coming soon?

Among other common troubleshooting situations for a WordPress site, one is the appearance of a “Coming Soon” page on the site. For a developer, it can be irritating to understand the purpose of this page and the methods to remove it.

To help all those developers like you, we have discussed here why does my WordPress site say coming soon and how to remove this page.

Till the end, you will be able to remove this page using different approaches. We will also give you an alternative to use if your site is under maintenance instead of saying coming soon.

What does Coming Soon show on the WordPress site?

First of all, you should know what this page is about and what does it represent. “Coming Soon” is a particular tag or headline that is shown on the WordPress site when the owner has set it to be launched soon.

Simply, when a business is going to launch its site that is under development, this page is used to display. It will not let the site be visible to anyone unless this page has been removed.

No need to worry if you are thinking about theme options saving in this condition. Your theme will be activated but not showing at the front end.

You can still access it, make changes from the backend, and preview it if you are a developer. The main purpose of this page is to let the visitors know that the website will be live soon for public access.

Why does my WordPress site say coming soon?

Normally, developers add this page on their own to keep their work private until it is ready for show. But sometimes, it is not the reason why this page is showing on your WordPress site.

Many people have reported that their WordPress theme preview is not working and they are getting this page even though they haven’t added it.

In such a condition, the most common reason is the auto-appearance of this page. Sometimes, it might be possible that theme settings or a specific plugin are creating this trouble.

It may also be possible that you haven’t launched the site from the theme editor settings. So, you can try checking these sections to find the solution or remove the coming soon page from your site.

How to remove the Coming Soon page from WordPress? 2 Easy Methods

If you haven’t found the solution from the above sections, it is time to take this seriously. The reason is your site will not go live without the removal of this specific page.

Here we have listed the most suitable two ways to get your site on track and give a live preview to your visitors.

Method 1. From Settings Page

The easiest approach is the use of settings of your WordPress dashboard that will remove the “Coming Soon” page from your site.

If you are unable to show the WordPress theme homepage or your custom homepage, you should try this method.

It is an easy approach as you have to deal with common sections of your site. Here are the steps that you should take.

Step 1. Login to “WordPress Dashboard
Step 2. Scroll down to reach the “Settings” option and click on it
Step 3. Tap on the “General” option
Step 4. Click on the “Launch Site” button shown on the page

If you can’t see this button, it means that your website is already launched. But if your website is still showing a “Coming Soon” page, you should try choosing the second method.

Method 2. From Hosting Account

Removing anything from your hosting account will remove it from the directory. It means that your website will be free from that page/plugin/theme that you will remove from the hosting.

That’s why you should also try removing the “Coming Soon” page if you are unable to get rid of the above method. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

Step 1. Login to your hosting account
Step 2. Go to “My Sites” and open the site with which you have a problem
Step 3. Tap on the “Manage Site” button
Step 4. Look for the “Coming Soon” page and remove it from your hosting

You may either delete that page from hosting (if allowed) or remove it. After a few seconds, you will see that this page has been removed from your site and you can view the homepage.

What is the best alternative to the Coming Soon page on the WordPress site under maintenance?

It is not so common but usually developers add “Coming Soon” to a live website for maintenance. Be mindful that it will have a bad impact on your visitors.

So, you should try choosing the best alternative to go under maintenance and let your customers comfortable. For this, you can add an “Under Maintenance” page to your website.

It will let the customers know that you will be live soon. But the “Coming Soon” page may indicate to them that you have lost your site or sold it.

To keep your business reliable for those persons, you should add the page with the “Under Maintenance” label.

Final Summary

We hope you have got the answer to “Why does my WordPress site say coming soon” and learned its solutions too. The above blog has discussed the most effective methods to troubleshoot this condition.

You can easily get your site back to let it be visible to everyone on the internet. It will help you be updated on the internet and let customers come to you for their questions/problems.

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