WordPress Theme Homepage Not Showing (4 Quick Solutions)

wordpress theme homepage not showing

Is your WordPress theme homepage not showing?

I will show you how you can fix it quickly.

Let’s go.

WordPress theme homepage not showing

The WordPress theme homepage not showing problem may be either due to wrong settings in WordPress, missing plugins, missing demo content, or the theme being corrupted itself. To fix the issue check the WordPress Settings or check the theme documentation, or re-install a fresh copy of the theme.

WordPress static front page not working

The most common reason for WordPress home page content not showing is because of wrong WordPress settings.

So, the first thing that you should check is whether a static page is selected to be shown as the homepage in WordPress.

Go to Settings > Reading (Fig.1).

Reading option in the Settings menu
Fig.1 The Reading option in the Settings menu

Under Your homepage displays, select A static page (Fig.2).

Selecting a static page as the homepage
Fig.2 Selecting a Static page as the Homepage

From the Homepage dropdown menu, select a page you want to show as the homepage for your site.

Click Save Changes.

WordPress theme not displaying like demo

If you want to display the homepage exactly like the demo page of the WordPress theme, you need to import the demo pages for the theme from their site.

Once you import the demo content for the theme, there will be page templates for the homepage and also for other pages.

But, if you find that a WordPress page template not showing, check whether you need to install additional plugins for the theme.

You will find that information in the theme’s documentation.

If you still find that a WordPress page not displaying correctly contact their support and they will help you to import the demo content for the theme after which your homepage will look exactly as per their demo homepage.

WordPress homepage settings not showing

If the WordPress theme does not have the settings for the homepage as per the theme documentation, then it may be due to some files missing.

If you have purchased a theme, check that you downloaded the latest version of the theme.

First, try deleting the theme, downloading a fresh copy, and installing it again.

If there is an error message when installing the theme or the theme settings are still not visible, then the theme files are corrupted.

Contact the theme developer.

How do I edit homepage in WordPress?

Now, let’s see how you can customize the homepage.

There are 3 ways to customize the homepage.

1. Homepage showing blog posts

You can make your homepage display only the latest blog posts.

For that, select Your latest posts (Fig.2).

2. One of your pages as the “homepage”

If you have selected to show a static page as the homepage, just go to that page under Pages > All Pages and customize the page.

The homepage will be updated automatically.

3. Customizing the demo content

The third way to display the homepage is to edit the homepage by customizing the WordPress settings.

Go to Appearance > Customize (Fig.3).

customize option in appearance menu
Fig.3 The Customize option in the Appearance menu

Now go to each of the sections on the left and customize them as you wish (Fig.4).

customizer settings in WordPress
Fig.4 The Customizer settings in WordPress

Please note that these settings will be different for your theme.

These are the settings for the Astra theme.

You can see the changes on the right pane as and when you change them.


If the WordPress theme homepage is not showing the way you want it, then do the following –

  • Select “A static page” or “Your latest posts” under Settings > Reading.
  • Install the demo content for the theme after installing the required plugins if any.
  • Customize the settings of the homepage of the theme under Appearance > Customize.
  • Check whether the theme files are corrupted.
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