Why is WordPress Theme Not Displaying Like Demo?

Why is WordPress Theme Not Displaying Like Demo?

Facing a technical problem isn’t rare if you are working as a WordPress developer or managing your websites.

You may be facing different issues like WordPress Theme preview not showing or many others. The reason is you might have made some mistakes at the backend or an installed plugin is making issues.

In short, you may be facing any troubleshooting while managing your site. But a common statement that many designers have shared is WordPress Theme not displaying like demo.

It is not a big issue as it seems to be but you still have to understand the reasons and the expected solutions.

This blog will highlight this specific problem related to the WordPress Theme and highlight a few tips to resolve the issue.

Let’s get started and learn more about this specific error in the following sections.

What Does a WordPress Theme Demo Look Like?

Starting a WordPress website or e-commerce store is a good step toward success. But the most important part is the selection of the theme. Whenever you search for a theme, you will see multiple choices on the screen.

Have you noticed what you check quickly after previewing the theme?

You will surely click on the link labeled “Demo Site” because that link will direct you to a website on which the theme has been installed.

A WordPress theme demo look is the website on which it has been installed and the link is shared with the users to check the preview of the theme.

Undoubtedly, you can get a preview of the theme from the images shared with the description. But the perfect idea for the layout and design of the theme can be taken from the theme demo website.

It has been seen that designers are facing a problem of WordPress theme not displaying correctly.

In turn, they are unable to get the same preview for their websites. To resolve this problem, we have listed a few reasons below with tips to get rid of this issue.

Let us show you a detailed section related to this.

Reasons for WordPress Theme Not Displaying Like Demo

Like other troubleshooting related to Theme options saving or working, this problem may also have multiple reasons.

You need to understand them one by one to have a brief idea of what can be a potential reason for the theme you are using.

That’s why we have listed the most common reasons for creating the problem of the WordPress theme not displaying like demo. Let us show you those reasons with a brief description for understanding.

Need Custom Setup/Settings

Keep in mind that demo sites are normally designed for selling purposes. These sites are not designed for updating regular content or other perspectives.

The only purpose of these sites is to engage the viewers and let the buyer know about the theme. It might be possible that designers have invested a lot of time in the custom settings to make it more attractive.

That’s why, you will never get the same preview as you see in the demo site unless you do the customization of the theme.

Doesn’t matter if you keep reverting the theme to default for hundred times, you will not get the demo site display. It is the most common reason behind the problem of WordPress theme not displaying like demo.

No Sample Content

Another potential reason behind a different display than the demo site is content missing. Normally, themes have added “Lorum Ipsum” content as their built-in content.

However, the demo site may have added unique or different content from this. That’s why, the layout you will get from the theme will be different from the demo display.

The best solution is to copy the content from the demo site and paste it into your website. It will let you make sure whether the problem is from the content end or another.

Make sure that you don’t index the pages in Google with copied content. The reason is you will be penalized for using copyrighted material if caused by the search engine or the original author.

Incompatible Layout

Last but not least, another reason behind the different display from the demo site is the incompatible layout. It might be possible that you are installing the theme on the pre-launched website.

In such a condition, your site will get a different preview from the demo site. You can read a detailed guide on WordPress theme activated but not show a better understanding of this problem.

Tips to Resolve WordPress Theme Demo Not Displaying Issue

As you have learned the reasons why the WordPress theme looks different from the demo, it is time to understand its features. Be mindful that it is not a technical troubleshooting problem.

So, you don’t need additional technical knowledge to resolve this problem. The easiest approach to making your site look like a demo site is through customization and content addition.

Both these solutions will help you get a similar preview for your site as you have seen in the demo site. But if you are unable to get it done and experience the right outcomes, you should hire an expert.

It is good to consult with a WordPress expert who will let you know the exact reason and resolve your problem. If you haven’t found the one, you can contact us for the solution and resolve this problem.

Final Verdict

We have discussed a complete guide on WordPress theme not displaying like demo here with the expected solutions.

You may have understood the reasons and are ready to take steps to resolve this issue and go ahead with your WordPress development career.

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