WordPress Theme Options Not Showing ( 6 Easy Fixes)

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The WordPress theme options not showing up is a common problem.

It is easy to solve too.

Let’s find out more.

WordPress theme options not showing

The issue of WordPress theme options not showing up can be solved either by updating WordPress and the theme to the latest versions or selecting a static page as the homepage or having at least one page published or deactivating all the plugins or by fixing Javascript errors if any.

But before I tell you more about these, there are two important things that you should know.

Things to know

The WordPress theme options not showing may or may not be an error.

Do you know where is theme options in WordPress?

The first thing to note is that Theme Options do not appear under the Appearance menu of the WordPress dashboard.

The Theme Options is a menu under Appearance > Customize in WordPress.

Secondly, some themes do not have Theme Options under Appearance > Customize at all.

For example, the theme Twenty Twenty does have a Theme Option when you go to Appearance > Customize.

But the theme Twenty Twenty-One does not have any Theme Options at all.

Twenty twenty and twenty twenty-one WordPress themes
Theme options menu in two different WordPress themes

If you have a WordPress theme that has theme Options, yet it does not show up under Appearance > Customize, then the following are the fixes for the issue.

Update WordPress

This is the first thing you should do.

Check whether you have the recent WordPress version.

If not, update to the latest WordPress version.

Update the theme

Check whether there is any update available for the theme as well.

The issue may have been fixed in their latest version.

Static Homepage

Do you have a static page set as the homepage?

Some WordPress themes, like Twenty Seventeen, for example, need a static page to be set as the homepage for the Theme Options to show up.

Are your pages published?

WordPress needs to have some pages published to show the Theme Options menu in the Customizer.

So, publish at least one or two pages and then check whether it appears.

Plugins conflict

This is the most common issue when the Theme Options do not show up in the Customizer.

So, first, disable all the plugins and check whether it appears.

If it does, it means one of the plugins may have caused the issue.

Now, activate the plugins one by one and see which one was responsible.

Javascript error

If the Theme Options do show up, but some items are missing, it may be because of a Javascript error.

This happens mostly for premium themes that have a separate Theme Options page.

You can check for Javascript errors by – 

  • Open the Theme Options page in the Chrome browser.
  • Click the 3 dots in the top-right corner.
  • Go to More Tools > Developer Tools.
  • Click the Console tab.

If there is a Javascript error, it will be listed below.

Contact the theme developer if you have such an error.


The fixes for the Theme Options not showing in WordPress are – 

  • Update WordPress.
  • Update the WordPress theme.
  • Set a static page as the homepage.
  • Publish at least one of the pages.
  • Deactivate all the plugins.
  • Check for Javascript errors in Chrome.
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